Basement update Faux Crown Molding

Well, I have been hard at work on my basement. This is how you last saw it

The drainage system was finished

I sealed the concrete, and had this subfloor installed

It has rubber cleats to keep it off the cold (hopefully never damp) concrete


I DID NOT do it myself...I called Joe & second husband's contractors. Now, it looks like this

Onto the fun stuff...I wanted crown molding. There is only one problem, I have a drop ceiling...looks like it is going to be faux crown molding

I marked all the wall studs with blue tape. It is super easy to find a stud on a drop just lift the tile

and you can see the stud. Since I can't nail into the ceiling, I decided to use door casing molding

It has an interesting profile, lays flat....and is super inexpensive! Using my usual tools, I mitered the corners

When it came to a long run, I used a 30 degree cut...making sure that the joint would fall on a stud. That way, the nails would pull it together

add a bit of glue to the other cut

a few nails, wipe of excess glue, fill in the holes...and sand

Here is how it looks now

and that joint...

almost invisible. Tomorrow I will show you the other side of the room. Hint...the kids made me do it! The carpeting is going down this week. This was a long project! How long is your average project? Do you finish it before you start another one?

****Update - Magnetic Chalkboard Wall****


  1. Fantastic, I have a very hard time mitering and fitting my edges! I have concluded that I have Design ADD ... I start something and don't get it finished. Something stops me ... generally my indecisiveness that I have when I doing my own home. I have several projects to finish and hope you will motivate me to do so in January!!

  2. oh the days of installing drain tile systems in a basement...I remember the days. I have done it now in two homes. This time we finished our basement with wood floors and drywall with crown...I have a few "second husbands"/ contractors too...a must for any home loving gal!! Great job!!

  3. What a PERFECT solution - and the most beautiful dropped ceiling I've ever seen :)

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Glad to see it's moving along. Can't wait to see the finished room.

  5. Yay for progress!! It must feel so good to look at how far it's coming. Your drop ceiling looks really good (I agree with rebecca that it's the nicest I've seen) and the moulding makes a huge difference. I don't think you need to, but have you considered buying decorative ceiling tiles for your dropped ceiling? Some white ones might look really nice - something like this one maybe?

  6. Wow this is so impressive!! You have really gotten so much done!! It is looking so nice.

  7. You do crown molding, too?! Is there anything you CAN"T do?? So impressed!

  8. Your basement looks wonderful! I love what you did so far. Great job!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful and joyous Christmas season!



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